This year, we will focus on the California Common Core Standards. Our new Math books, My Math ,follow the Common Core for Second Grade, and will provide daily opportunities for deeper understanding of math concepts taught at this level.

In our Language Arts program will focus on building/strengthening solid literary skills including phonics, spelling, writing, English grammar, reading, and handwriting. The textbook we use is Pearson-Scott Foresman- Reading Street. Every week we read a new story from which we practice phonics, spelling, fluency, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension, and writing. We’ll offer a variety of learning opportunities including the use of the Raz-Kids and Reading a-z programs, whole group lessons, listening to a variety of stories/books both fictional and nonfictional and poetry, and small group intensive lessons for more individual attention. Much of our Reading will become a jumping off point for our writing this year, so we will have daily writing lessons as well as considerable practice to become fluent writers using lessons from our Step Up to Writing program. Neat handwriting practice will continue to be a goal early in the year with the introduction of Cursive handwriting toward the later part of the year.

Our Social Studies Curriculum is from the book -Scott Foresman- History Social Science for California- Then and Now. We will cover 5 major topics including: Long Ago & Yesterday, Mapping Skills, Our Government, Producers and Consumers, and People in History.

Second Grade is a very special and important year for children who will be receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation, and Eucharist. Ms. Tam Tran will be your point of contact for all meetings regarding the preparation for First Holy Communion( Restored Order). We will utilize the Student edition of the religion text:Blest are We by RCL Benzinger. The overarching theme for the year is that Jesus shows us His Father’s love through the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. So our focus will be on 5 components: We Gather as Believers, We Ask God’s Forgiveness, We Celebrate the Word of God, We celebrate the Gift of Eucharist, We Go in Peace.

California Science by MacMillian McGraw/Hill is our science text. We will focus on the Life , Earth, and Physical Sciences. Second graders will spend time once a week in our school science lab with hands-on lessons and experiments.

Second Graders will also be enriched with special classes this year such as Art, Spanish, Music, Physical Education, Fine Arts, and Computer.

An important note is that due to the range of abilities and motivation among second graders, my goal is that individual needs will be met through enrichment and remediation in all curricular areas.