First Reconciliation, Confirmation, and First Communion Dates

2nd Grade Sacramental Preparation Program

Director of Catechetical Ministry: Tam Tran


                            Sun. Oct. 9      Parent Meeting-Restored order Sacramental Preparation -Reconciliation, 2-3:30pm in

                                                    Community Center

                            Sat. Dec. 10        First Reconciliation and Family Retreat, 9:00-12pm  in Parish Hall and Community Center

Sun. Jan. 22     Parent Meeting-Restored Order Sacramental Preparation –both Confirmation and Eucharist, 

                        2-3:30pm in Community Center

Sat. March 11     Confirmation/Eucharist- Family Retreat, 9:30-12pm in Parish Hall, and Community Center

Fri. April 28          Confirmation/EucharistPractice, 7pm in the Church

Sat. April 29        Confirmation/EucharistCelebration, 10:30am in the Church

                         Meet at the front of the church at 10:00 am